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  National Rice Development Strategy   In The News
Implementation of NRDS   Needs - Resource Matching

Government Task Force Focal Point

Name Position Email
Mr MADUMA Daniel National Directorate for Agrarian Services, Ministry of Agriculture This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Code Title ..... Partners
MZ-1 Market-led smallholder development in the Zambezi Valley Project   World Bank / GEF
MZ-2 Sustainable Irrigation Development Project   JICA / World Bank
MZ-3 Strategic planning for irrigation in Mozambique   EC
MZ-4 Pungué Basin Integrated Water Resources Management and Development Program (PP)   SIDA
MZ-5 Pungué Basin Integrated Water Resources Management and Development Program - Phase 2 (PP2)   SIDA
MZ-7 Agricultural Support Programme   IFAD / Common Basket
MZ-8 Small Scale Irrigation Project (SSIP)   AfDB / Government of Mozambique (GoM)
MZ-9 Massingir Dam and Smallholder Agricultural Rehabilitation Project (Supplementary Loan)   AfDB / GoM
MZ-10 Integrated Agricultural Development Project (PIDA)   Italy
MZ-11 The Integrated Agricultural Development Project for Small Scale Farmers in Chokwe Irrigation Scheme   JICA
MZ-12 Rehabilitation of secondary and tertiary canals of the Chokwe Irrigation Scheme   IDB
MZ-13 Project for the Rice Production Promotion in Nante Area in the Zambezia Province   JICA
MZ-14 Save Valley Irrigation Development Project   BADEA / OPEC / GoM
MZ-15 EC Support to Drought Mitigation Plan for Gaza and Inhambane   EC
MZ-16 Drought Mitigation Plan for Gaza and Inhambane   EC
MZ-17 Development Strategy for the Rice Sector in Mozambique   Italy
MZ-18 Project for Rice Productivity Improvement for Small Scale Farmers in Chokwe Irrigation Scheme   JICA
MZ-19 Emergency Rice Project   AFRICA RICE
MZ-20 Stress-tolerant rice for poor farmers in Africa and South Asia   AFRICA RICE
MZ-21 Developing the next generation of new rice varieties for sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia   AFRICA RICE
MZ-22 Green Super Rice for Resource-Poor of Africa and Asia   AFRICA RICE
MZ-23 Interspecific Hybridization Project   AFRICA RICE
MZ-24 Purchasing Power Support to Farmers through Inputs Vouchers   EU, GOM/ FAO, IFDC
MZ-25 Increasing Agricultural Production, Enhancing Food Security and Improving Livelihoods to mitigate the impacts of hiked food price (t.b.c)   EU/ FAO
MZ-26 PAPA - Food Production Action Plan   GoM
MZ-27 Bela Vista Rice Project    
MZ-28 Project of construction of 3,000 ha of irrigation infrastructure and drinage and flood control in Munda Munda and Navicote   GoM and the Netherlands (ORIO)
MZ-29 Strengthening Mozambican Capacity for Agricultural Productivity Growth, Policy Analysis, and Poverty Reduction   USAID

Priorities and Concept Notes

Code Title .....
MZ-a Strengthening rice seed supply chain through sensitization and improved access to credit    
MZ-b Distribution of Certified Seeds through Voucher system to rice growers    
MZ-c Distribution of Fertilizers through voucher system to rice farmers    
MZ-d Expansion of Fertilizer marketing network in rice growing areas through training of retailers and establishing linkage with agro-dealer network    
MZ-e Construction, rehabilitation and upgrading of irrigation structures in rice growing areas    
MZ-f Promotion of maintenance, responsibility and ownership of irrigation infrastructures at the grass root level    
MZ-g Enabling of public-private partnerships in the provision of machinery rental service for use in levelling and bunding of rice fields    
MZ-h Facilitation of credit or grant to private sectors engaged in irrigation/water management    
MZ-i Provision of equipments to increase productivity in small scale rice farms    
MZ-j Facilitation of credit or grant to farmers and private sectors in farm mechanization    
MZ-k Improve quality and productivity of rice through the provision and dissemination of harvest and post harvest equipments    
MZ-l Strengthening of private sectors in rice value chain through facilitation of imports and local manufacturing of harvest- and post-harvest    
MZ-m Promotion of market competitiveness of locally produced rice    
MZ-n Promotion of packaging and branding of locally produced rice    
MZ-o Credit scheme for rice development – Using a part of import tariff as a source of credit/guarantee/insurance scheme to rice farmers    
MZ-p Strengthening the linkage between credit for inputs and outputs along the rice value chain    


IFAD-funded Studies on Mapping of PRSPs, Sector Strategis and Policies related to Rice Development

Title File
National Report: Mozambique PDF/309KB (French)

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