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  National Rice Development Strategy   In The News
Implementation of NRDS

Government Task Force Focal Point

Name Position Email
Eng Moses Ayodele Aiyelagbe Adewuyi Director, National Food Researve Agency (NFRA), Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Code Title ..... Partners
NG-1 Developing Agri-inputs Market in Nigeria (DAIMINA)   USAID
NG-2 Dissemination of new rice varieties in Nigeria using participatory varietal selection (PVS) approach   Rockefeller / Gatsby
NG-3 National Special Programme for Food Security (NSPFS)   AfDB / FAO /
Government of Nigeria (GoN)
NG-4 Rice Production, Post-harvest Processing and Marketing Adviser   JICA
NG-5 Second National Fadama Development Project (Fadama II)   World Bank
NG-6 Presidential Initiative on Increased Rice Production, Processing and ExportD   GoN
NG-7 Maximizing Agricultural Revenue and Key Enterprises in Targeted Sites (MARKETS)   USAID
NG-8 Promoting Pro-Poor Opprotunities through Commodity and Service Markets (PrOpCom))   DFID
NG-9 Multinational NERICA Rice Dissemination Project   AfDB
NG-10 Rice Seed Production   AfDB / AGRA
NG-11 National Programme for Food Security (NPFS)   BADEA / IDB / GoN
NG-12 Rehabilitation of Small-scale Irrigation Schemes   FAO / GoN / China
NG-13 Construction of Rice Processing Complex in Nigeria   KOICA
NG-14 Rice Processing Intervention Fund   GoN
NG-15 Breeding for High-yielding Stable Drought Tolerant Rice and Provision of Quality Seeds of Rice for Poor Resource Farmers in Nigeria   AGRA
NG-16 Targeting Drought-avoidance Root Traits to Enhance Rice Productivity under Water-limited Environments    
NG-17 Third National Fadama Development Project (Fadama III)   World Bank
NG-18 Commercial Agricultural Development Project (CADP)   World Bank
NG-19 Improvement of Drought and Submergence Tolerance of Rice in Africa, including NERICA   JIRCAS
NG-20 Rice Post Harvest and Marketing Pilot Project in Lafia,Nasarawa State and Bida, Niger State    
NG-21 Rice Value Addition Project    
NG-22 Rice Market Improvement Project    
NG-23 Marketing Inputs Regionally    
NG-24 Expanded Access to Services for Agricultural Enterprises    
NG-25 Investment Climate Programme    
NG-26 Rice Survey 2009    
NG-27 Rice Survey 2010    
NG-28 USAID Famine Intervention Project    
NG-29 Super Green Rice Project    
NG-30 Improving Rice Productivity in Lowland Ecosystems of Nigeria through Marker Assisted Selection for Drought Tolerance and Yield Potential    
NG-31 Stress Tolerant Rice for Africa and Asia (STRASA)    
NG-32 Emergency Seed Production Project    
NG-33 Rice Post-harvest Quality Improvement    
NG-34 Rice Yellow Mottle Screening    
NG-35 Rural Finance Institution Building Program    
NG-36 IFAD-Assisted Community-Based Natural Resource Management Programme    
NG-37 IFAD-Assisted Community-Based Natural Resource Management Programme    
NG-38 IFAD-Assisted Community-Based Agriculture and Rural Development Programme    
NG-38 Cooperative Rural Micro-Finance    
NG-39 Cooperative Strengthening fro Agricultural Development    
NG-40 Paddy buyback project    
NG-41 The Study on the Development of the Efficient use and Recycling of Water Resources   JIRCAS
NG-42 Establishment of 2 Pilot Rice Processing and Marketing Centers in Lafia (Nasarawa State) and Bida (Niger State) for the Promotion of Rice Value-Chain   JICA
NG-43 NERICA rice dissemination project   AFRICA RICE
NG-44 Emergency Rice Project   AFRICA RICE
NG-45 Famine Fund Project   AFRICA RICE
NG-46 Stress-tolerant rice for poor farmers in Africa and South Asia   AFRICA RICE
NG-47 Developing the next generation of new rice varieties for sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia   AFRICA RICE
NG-48 Green Super Rice for Resource-Poor of Africa and Asia   AFRICA RICE
NG-49 Interspecific Hybridization Project   AFRICA RICE
NG-50 Physiological and genetic investigation of agronomic characteristics in rice   AFRICA RICE
NG-51 Development of sustainable rice farming systems in low activity clay soils in W African lowlands   AFRICA RICE
NG-52 Improving rice processing strategies for food security in W Africa   AFRICA RICE


IFAD-funded Studies on Mapping of PRSPs, Sector Strategis and Policies related to Rice Development

Title File
National Report:Nigeria PDF/663KB (English)

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