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Government Task Force Focal Point

Name Position Email
Eng Youssouf OUATTARA Coordonnateur National du Projet Riz Pluvial, Point Focal, Ministère de l'Agriculture de l'Hydraulique et des Ressources Halieutiques This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Code Title ....... Partners
BF-1 Integrated Rural Development Project of Namentenga   BID, OPEP
BF-2 Rural Development Project in the South-West (PDRSO in french)   FIDA
BF-3 Rainfed Rice Production Project (Phase I)   Taiwan
BF-4 Hydro-agricultural Project of Bagré- Land Development Program of 600 ha at the Left Bank ofNakambé   FAD
BF-5 Integrated Rural Development Project of Bagré   FKDEA, BID, FSD OPEP
BF-6 Hydro-agricultural Project of Bagré- Land Development Program of 1000 ha at the Left Bankof Nakambé   Taiwan
BF-7 Land Development of 610 ha   BID
BF-8 Action Plan for the Rice Sector   EU
BF-9 Barrage Project of Samendeni (Study)   FABD
BF-10 Supporting Project for Local Development of Comoé, Léraba and Kénédougou Provinces(PADL/Comoé-Léraba-Kénédougou)   FAD
BF-11 Hydraulic Development Project in the Liptako-Gourma Region (Phase III)   BOAD
BF-12 Exploitation and Sustainable Management Project of Small Barrages   BID, BADEA
BF-13 Agricultural Development Project in downstream of Small Barrages in the East   FABD, BID
BF-14 Barrage Project of SAMENDENI (Study)   Japan/State
BF-15 Integrated Development Program of the Vallée de Samendeni   BID, FABD, FKDEA, FSD,BADEA, BOAD, OPEP,State
BF-16 Development Project of the Seed Production Sector   India
BF-17 Hydro-Agricultural Development Project of Dourou, Toécé Barrage   BID
BF-18 Hydro-Agricultural Development Project of Soum   BID
BF-19 Feasibility Study of 2000 ha in Dangoumana (Study)   BID
BF-20 Extension Program of the Small Irrigation   Venezuela
BF-21 Development Project of Agricultural Mechanization and Support to the Hydraulic Sector   PPTE/State, FKDEA
BF-22 Regional capacity Strenghtening for the exploitation of community low-lands and villageirrigated parcels   Japan, PAM
BF-23 Agriculture and Rural Zones Development through Innovative Systems of Production Based onRice in order to Reduce Hunger and Poverty.   Japan
BF-24 Rainfed Rice Project (Phase II)   Taiwan
BF-25 Bagré Dam Safety System Project    
BF-26 PADER-GK : Support Project for Decentralized Rural Development in Gnagna and KouritengaProvinces   BAD
BF-27 GCP/BKF/052/EC : Support for the Strengthening of the Bases of Food Security through theRestoration of Quality Production Capacities of Rural Communities Affected by the SoaringPrices of Agricultural Products   EU
BF-28 PIAME/PNS : Agricultural Intensification Project through Water Control in Central Plateau,Northern and Sahel Regions    
BF-29 PIAME/CSCO : Agricultural Intensification Program through Water Control in the Center-South and Center-West Regions   Spain
BF-30 PDHA SOUM : Hydro-Agricultural Development of Soum, Phase II   BID, BOAD, State
BF-31 PABSO : Low-lands Development Program in the South-West and Sissili   KFW
BF-32 PADI : Support Project of Irrigation Development   APEFE, CGRI/GRI
BF-33 PAHA-DANGOUMANA : Hydro-Agricultural Development Project of 2000 ha inDangoumana   BID
BF-34 Agricultural Productivity and Food Security Project   IDA
BF-35 Agriculture Diversification and Market Development Project   WORLD BANK
BF-36 Agriculture Productivity and Food Security Project   WORLD BANK
BF-37 Rice production Adviser   JICA