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Benin harvested 200,000 metric tons of rice this year and plans to sell most of the grain to meet demand in neighboring Nigeria, said Agriculture Minister Michel Sogbossi.

The output in the West African nation was higher than the 190,000 tons it projected would be produced in 2010 after farmers were given better seed, Sogbossi said in an interview in Cotonou, the commercial capital, Nov. 19.

Benin will sell 160,000 tons of rice to Nigeria amid faltering demand from domestic consumers who prefer cheaper imports from Asia, Sogbossi said.

Earlier this month, the country’s government cut the price of locally grown rice to 450 CFA francs ($0.93), from 600 francs, in a bid to convince Beninese consumers to purchase the grain, he said.

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Courtesy: Bloomberg

Date:  23rd November 2010