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Information Sheet of Rice Related Project/Program in CARD Second Group Countries
1. Country Burkina Faso
2. Title (Full name) Action Plan for the Rice Sector
3. Project Location Country
4. Type of project 1

1. Grant, 2. Loan, 3. Technical Coop./Assistance, 4. National budget, 5. Private sector
5. Fields covered (multiple selection) 1.
5. 9. 10.
1. Policy, 2. R & D, 3. Extension & Training, 4. Production, 5. Marketing
6. Post-harvest, 7. Irrigation, 8. Credit, 9. Seed, 10. Other ( specify below )
Lowland development, Organization of the various players in the rice sector
6. Fund source
(Funding agency)

FED (Grant), Beneficiaries
7. Cost Total: 6,814.7 million FCFA
(EU: 6,676.7; Beneficiaries: 138)

8. Project duration Start:

(dd/mm/yy) End: 2005
9. Goal and objectives Goal: - Increase the national rice production in an economical, social andenvironmental way, mainly by increasing the producers income, and groups asthe Rice Producers Organization (OPR in french)

Obj.: - Increase of the surface area of the low-lands, and small perimeters as well asthe rice productivity- Professionalization of the rice producers Organizers, (with NGO or localconsulting companies support), in charge of developing hydraulicinfrastructures, to manage them efficiently in order to produce andcommercialize the polished rice instead of the paddy- Organizing of rice operators by setting up an Joint-Trade Organization forRice (CIR in french)- Knowledge about the potentialities of lands that can be developed inlowlands and small perimeters- Identification of PA/FR as national reference framework, through thediffusion of norms, coherent executing methods and based on an articulatedand coherent approach of the existing projects or future projects to come inthis sector

10. Target beneficiaries Direct:
11. Project component (activities) 1.
Low-lands development of around 2.500 ha
Support to the Rice Producers Organizations of low-lands and small perimeter
Support to the Rice Producers Organizations of the irrigated perimeters
Assessment of lands that can be developped in low-lands area
5. Production et diffusion of the selected seeds
6. Management of soil fertility
7. Distribution test of specific material for rice cultivation
8. Setting up and operation of a working group on economical production ofirrigation and its follow-up.
9. Setting up of CIR (Joint Trade organization)
10. Setting up and operation of the management group of PA/FR
12. Expected results (outputs) 1.Low-lands and small perimeters Development
2.Establishment of a joint-trade organization for rice
3.Setting up and support to the Rice Producers Organizations of low-lands and
4.Setting of Rice Producers Organization of big perimeters
5.Assessment of low-lands that can be developped and small perimeters
6.Setting up of material used specifically for rice cultivation
7.Support to some administrative entities
8.Establishment of a monitoring organization for all the irrigation systems
13. Inputs 1.
14. Implementing agency Leading:
15. Status of the project 4. 1?Pipeline, 2. Approved, 3. On-going, 4. Completed
16. Issues/problems
17. Person in charge Name:

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