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Information Sheet of Rice Related Project/Program in CARD Second Group Countries
1. Country Rwanda
2. Title (Full name) Support to the development of a national Agricultural extension System (PASNVA)
3. Project Location Nation wide
4. Type of project 3.

1. Grant, 2. Loan, 3. Technical Coop./Assistance, 4. National budget, 5. Private sector
5. Fields covered (multiple selection) 1.

1. Policy, 2. R & D, 3. Extension & Training, 4. Production, 5. Marketing
6. Post-harvest, 7. Irrigation, 8. Credit, 9. Seed, 10. Other ( specify below )
1.Extension & Training 10. Capacity Building
6. Fund source
(Funding agency)

7. Cost Total: EURO 4.67 million

8. Project duration Start: 2007
(dd/mm/yy) End: 2010
9. Goal and objectives Goal: to provide agricultural extension service, circulation of information and transfer of technologies.

Obj.: To contribute in a durable way to the reduction of poverty and  economic growth through the increase of the productivity of the production factors , the maximum value enhancing  of  productions, diversification of the income generating opportunities, the safeguarding and the maintenance of and environmental natural resources

10. Target beneficiaries Direct: MINAGRI, Projects and Developing NGOs, Teacher,Researchers & students
Secondary: All producers,
11. Project component (activities) R1         1.
To create an agricultural Resource centre open to the general  public;
R2         2.
To upgrade and circulate  the capital of charts of the former  Project "pedological charts";
R3         3.
To set up a system of Information management;
R4         4.
To develop a Web site of agricultural data.
5. To realize extension service  didactic tools  adapted to the actors of rural agricultural counseling  in the districts;
6. To produce and circulate audio-visual didactic tools.
7. website
12. Expected results (outputs) 1. the creation of  agricultural documentation facility  very rich and exhaustive and facilitate its  access to  the general public.

2. production and circulation of maps on request.Library

13. Inputs 1 ,2,4   Personnel (A0 technician,Librarian,Technical assistant in charged of support to the decentralized popularization. Webmasters  technician supervision of all activities ….
14. Implementing agency Leading: MINAGRI
15. Status of the project 3. 1?Pipeline, 2. Approved, 3. On-going, 4. Completed
16. Issues/problems
17. Person in charge Name: e-mail:
Key Word: