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Implementation of NRDS   Needs - Resource Matching
  • Result of Working Week Part 1
  • Result of Working Week Part 2

Government Task Force Focal Point

Name Position Email
Mr MWALE Shadreck Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Code Title ....... Partners
ZM-1 Agriculture Development Support Program  


ZM-2 Irrigation Development Project   WORLD BANK
ZM-3 Rice Seed Multipliction Advisor   JICA
ZM-4 Emergency Rice Project   AFRICA RICE
ZM-5 Developing the next generation of new rice varieties for sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia   AFRICA RICE
ZM-6 Interspecific Hybridization Project   AFRICA RICE
ZM-7 PASS - Fund for the Improvement and Adoption of African Crops (including Upland Rice)   AGRA
ZM-8 Farm Input Support Programme (FISP)   Government of the Republic of Zambia
ZM-9 Food Crop Diversification Support Project Focusing on Rice Production (FoDiS-R)   JICA and MoAL, Zambia
ZM-10 Rice Value Chain Development Programme   DGIS (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands)
ZM-11 Financing Village Micro projects - (related to RESCAP)  

MoAL, Zambia

ZM-12 Rural Extension Service Capacity Enhancement Project (RESCAP)   JICA
ZM-13 Harmonisation/ Training of Seed and Agro-Inputs Trade (Regional)    
ZM-14 Food Reserve Agency Purchase   Government of the Republic of Zambia
ZM-15 Rice Value Chain Development Programme (ZRF)   SNV


Priorities and Concept Notes

Code Title ....... File
ZM-a Improved market access in rice producing areas    
ZM-b Market integration of rice sub-sector through Rice Warehouse Receipt System    
ZM-c Purification of existing rice admixtures, development and multiplication of improved rice varieties    
ZM-d Improved Seed Multiplication and Distribution Practices through decentralization of Quality Control Systems    
ZM-e Development of rice standards for improved marketability and competitiveness of locally produced rice    
ZM-f Enhancing quality of locally produced rice    
ZM-g Enhancing extensions services and dissemination of knowledge on rice production    
ZM-h Horizontal and vertical integration of stakeholders along the rice value chain    
ZM-i Development of Irrigation Infrastructure for Increased Rice Production in Zambia