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Fiche d'Information concernant projet/ Programme Riz dans le Premier Groupe de pays CARD
1. Pays Madagascar
2. Titre (Nom du projet) Production and distribution of rice and beans seeds to rural families affected by seasonal floods in the South-East coast, regions of Vatovavy Fitovinany and Atsimo Atsinanana
3. Localition du Projet
Région Analanjirofo, Districts Fénérive-Est, Soanierana Ivongo, Vavatenina
4. Type de projet


1. Grant, 2. Loan, 3. Technical Coop./Assistance, 4. National budget, 5. Private sector
5. Champs couvert
(choix multiple)


1. Politique, 2. R & D, 3. vulgarisation & formation, 4. Production, 5. Marketing
6. Post-récolte, 7. Irrigation, 8. Crédit, 9. Semences, 10. Autre:
6. Source des Funds
Italie“OSRO/MAG/804/ITA” :
7. Coût Total: US$ 699.882
8. Durée du Projet Début 1/11/08
(dd/mm/yy) Fin: 30/06/09
9. But et objectifs But et objectifs : The overall objective of this project is:
Improve food security of most vulnerable farming families and strengthen farmers’ resilience to soaring of food prices and recurrent natural calamities in disaster prone area.
Specific objectives:
a. Restore agricultural production systems in the regions of   Vatovavy Fitovinany and Atsimo Atsinanana through seeds distribution.
b. Strengthen the local seed production system increasing availability of improved rice and beans seed to improve food crops production.
c. Strengthen the coordination of food security activities, monitoring, data collection and dissemination of information (livelihood, agriculture / livestock, and nutrition).
10. Bénéficiaires Ciblés FAO has already identified about 10.000 rural household as beneficiaries according to the following criteria:
• Farming families who have lost all or most of their harvest
• Farming families with no seeds and living in areas too remote to procure seeds
• Farming families composed by 8 people or more
• Farmers who cultivate less than one hectare
• Farmers who relies on rice production only (as subsistence crop)
• Farmers with land located in critical areas more exposed to seasonal flooding
• Farmers with no or reduced purchase capacity of seeds due to economic hardship
• Farmers with women head of families
• Farming families with one or more component affected by HIV
About 60.000 people will receive direct benefit from this action while the total population of the two regions (1.718.900) will benefit of the increased production and availability in the local markets of staple food.

11. Composantes du Projet
Seeds multiplication activities:
- Identification of implementing partners
- Allocation of the superficies and establishment of agreements
- Purchasing and delivering of inputs
- Rice seeds breeding
- Follow-up
Bean distribution
12. Résultats attendus
- 3MT of rice based seeds pour 100 hectares
- 50MT of lingo blancpour 412 ha
- Production de 150 tonnes de semences QDS de riz
13. Besoins (Inputs)

14. Agence d'exécution Conduisant (leading): FAO NGOs: BDEM, DIAKONA, INTER AID
Coopérant (cooperate):
15. Statut du projet 4
1. Introduit, 2. Approuvé, 3. en cours, 4. Terminé
16. Questions/problèmes
17. Personne en charge Unité de coordination des opérations agricoles d’ urgences et de réhabilitation/ FAO e-mail:
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