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Information Sheet of Concept Notes developed during WW2 in Mozambique
1. Country Mozambique
2. Title (Full name) Facilitation of credit or grant to farmers and private sectors in farm mechanization
3. Project Location Entire Country (all rice growing areas)
4. Fields covered (multiple selection) 1

1. Policy,  2. R & D,  3. Extension & Training,  4. Production,  5. Marketing
6. Post-harvest, 7. Irrigation, 8. Credit,  9. Seed,  10. Other (  specify below  )
5. Fund sources
Govt of Mozambique, Banco da terra, ProCredit, Italian Commodity Aid
6. Budget Total: 200,000 USD
7. Duration (years)
18months (1.5 years)
8. Goal and objectives Goal: Guaranteed financial base to various systems of rice producers (subsistence and commercial farmers)
Obj.: Define mechanisms of financing for each of the actors involved in rice production in Mozambique
Increase awareness on viability of projects on fiancing in the area of mechanization
Promote special and sustainable interest rates for the financing of agrarian mechanization
9. Target beneficiaries Direct: Rice growers
10. Project component (activities) 1. Policy: Create enabling environments for financing credits to farmers in availing farm machineries for improved rice production
11. Expected results (outputs) 1. System of interaction between actors between banks, the state and farmers to increase the production and productivity of rice established
2. Seasonal awareness on the sustainable use of credit created