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Information Sheet of Rice Related Project/Program in CARD First Group Countries
1. Country Nigeria
2. Title (Full name) Developing Agri-inputs Market in Nigeria (DAIMINA)
3. Project Location Bauchi and Kano States and FCT
4. Type of project 1
1. Grant, 2. Loan, 3. Technical Coop./Assistance, 4. National budget, 5. Private sector
5. Field of support 1 5
1. Policy, 2. R & D, 3. Extension & Training, 4. Production, 5. Marketing
6. Post-harvest, 7. Irrigation, 8. Credit, 9. Seed, 10. Other ( specify below )
6. Fund sources
(Funding agency)
7. Budget USD 3.754 million
8. Project duration Start: 2001
(dd/mm/yy) End: 2004
9. Goal and objectives Goal: Food security enhancement through strengthening the agricultural inputs marketing
Obj.: To strengthen market information system andcapacity building in the private sector.
10. Target beneficiaries Direct: Agricultural inputs merketers
11. Project component (activities) 1. To reform the policy for agricultural inputs marketing.
2. To build up the capacity of the private sector.
3. To strengthen market information systems.
4. To build up coordination among related institutions and projects.
12. Expected results (outputs) 1. Amendment of the fertilizer regulations and quality control system legislation and the seed law will be discussed with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources and National Seed Service, respectively.
2. National Agri-inputs dealers association is established.
3. 100 Agri-inputs marketers of Bauch State and FCT are trained.
4. 5 fertilizer demonstration farms are established in Kano State.
5. Agri market information services are strengthened.
13. Inputs
14. Implementing agency USAID through IFDC. Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, ADPs (State Agricultural Development Programs)
15. Status of the project 4 1?Pipeline, 2. Approved, 3. On-going, 4. Completed
16. Issues/problems
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