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  National Rice Development Strategy   In The News
Implementation of NRDS   Needs - Resource Matching


Code Title ..... Partners
MZ-1 Market-led smallholder development in the Zambezi Valley Project   World Bank / GEF
MZ-2 Sustainable Irrigation Development Project   JICA / World Bank
MZ-3 Strategic planning for irrigation in Mozambique   EC
MZ-4 Pungué Basin Integrated Water Resources Management and Development Program (PP)   SIDA
MZ-5 Pungué Basin Integrated Water Resources Management and Development Program - Phase 2 (PP2)   SIDA
MZ-7 Agricultural Support Programme   IFAD / Common Basket
MZ-8 Small Scale Irrigation Project (SSIP)   AfDB / Government of Mozambique (GoM)
MZ-9 Massingir Dam and Smallholder Agricultural Rehabilitation Project (Supplementary Loan)   AfDB / GoM
MZ-10 Integrated Agricultural Development Project (PIDA)   Italy
MZ-11 The Integrated Agricultural Development Project for Small Scale Farmers in Chokwe Irrigation Scheme   JICA
MZ-12 Rehabilitation of secondary and tertiary canals of the Chokwe Irrigation Scheme   IDB
MZ-13 Project for the Rice Production Promotion in Nante Area in the Zambezia Province   JICA
MZ-14 Save Valley Irrigation Development Project   BADEA / OPEC / GoM
MZ-15 EC Support to Drought Mitigation Plan for Gaza and Inhambane   EC
MZ-16 Drought Mitigation Plan for Gaza and Inhambane   EC
MZ-17 Development Strategy for the Rice Sector in Mozambique   Italy
MZ-18 Project for Rice Productivity Improvement for Small Scale Farmers in Chokwe Irrigation Scheme   JICA
MZ-19 Emergency Rice Project   AFRICA RICE
MZ-20 Stress-tolerant rice for poor farmers in Africa and South Asia   AFRICA RICE
MZ-21 Developing the next generation of new rice varieties for sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia   AFRICA RICE
MZ-22 Green Super Rice for Resource-Poor of Africa and Asia   AFRICA RICE
MZ-23 Interspecific Hybridization Project   AFRICA RICE
MZ-24 Purchasing Power Support to Farmers through Inputs Vouchers   EU, GOM/ FAO, IFDC
MZ-25 Increasing Agricultural Production, Enhancing Food Security and Improving Livelihoods to mitigate the impacts of hiked food price (t.b.c)   EU/ FAO
MZ-26 PAPA - Food Production Action Plan   GoM
MZ-27 Bela Vista Rice Project    
MZ-28 Project of construction of 3,000 ha of irrigation infrastructure and drinage and flood control in Munda Munda and Navicote   GoM and the Netherlands (ORIO)
MZ-29 Strengthening Mozambican Capacity for Agricultural Productivity Growth, Policy Analysis, and Poverty Reduction   USAID

Priorities and Concept Notes

Code Title .....
MZ-a Strengthening rice seed supply chain through sensitization and improved access to credit    
MZ-b Distribution of Certified Seeds through Voucher system to rice growers    
MZ-c Distribution of Fertilizers through voucher system to rice farmers    
MZ-d Expansion of Fertilizer marketing network in rice growing areas through training of retailers and establishing linkage with agro-dealer network    
MZ-e Construction, rehabilitation and upgrading of irrigation structures in rice growing areas    
MZ-f Promotion of maintenance, responsibility and ownership of irrigation infrastructures at the grass root level    
MZ-g Enabling of public-private partnerships in the provision of machinery rental service for use in levelling and bunding of rice fields    
MZ-h Facilitation of credit or grant to private sectors engaged in irrigation/water management    
MZ-i Provision of equipments to increase productivity in small scale rice farms    
MZ-j Facilitation of credit or grant to farmers and private sectors in farm mechanization    
MZ-k Improve quality and productivity of rice through the provision and dissemination of harvest and post harvest equipments    
MZ-l Strengthening of private sectors in rice value chain through facilitation of imports and local manufacturing of harvest- and post-harvest    
MZ-m Promotion of market competitiveness of locally produced rice    
MZ-n Promotion of packaging and branding of locally produced rice    
MZ-o Credit scheme for rice development – Using a part of import tariff as a source of credit/guarantee/insurance scheme to rice farmers    
MZ-p Strengthening the linkage between credit for inputs and outputs along the rice value chain