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Information Sheet of Rice Related Project/Program in CARD First Group Countries
1. Country Nigeria
2. Title (Full name) Second National Fadama Development Project (Fadama II)
3. Project Location Adamawa, Bauchi, Imo, Kaduna, Lagos, Niger, Ogun, Oyo and Taraba States
4. Type of project 2
1. Grant, 2. Loan, 3. Technical Coop./Assistance, 4. National budget, 5. Private sector
5. Field of support 3 4 5 10
1. Policy, 2. R & D, 3. Extension & Training, 4. Production, 5. Marketing
6. Post-harvest, 7. Irrigation, 8. Credit, 9. Seed, 10. Other ( specify below )
10. Capacity building
6. Fund sources
(Funding agency)
World Bank
7. Budget USD 100 million
8. Project duration Start: 2004
(dd/mm/yy) End: 2009
9. Goal and objectives Goal: Enhancement of food security and poverty reduction
Obj.: To sustainably increase the incomes of fadama users---those who depend directly or indirectly on fadama resources (farmers, pastoralists, fishers, hunters, gatherers, and service providers)---throught empowering communities to take charge of their own development agenda, and by reducing conflict between fadama users.
10. Target beneficiaries Direct: Fadama users group
11. Project component (activities) 1. Building capacity of fadama users
2. Demand-driven infrastructure investiments
3. Demand-responsive advisory services
12. Expected results (outputs) 1. Capacity of fadama community associations (FCA) to carry out participatly plannning is built up. Local development plans (LDP) on which consensus has been reached with the members of the FCA are developed.
2. Eligible small-scale infrastructure projects specified as priorities in the LDPs are implemented.
3. Advisory services in response to demand of fadama resources users are provied. Linkages between fadama resources users, input suppliers and markets are establised. Training, learning events and other activities to promote sharing of knowledge are implemented. Studies to identify new market opportunities are made.
13. Inputs
14. Implementing agency National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA), Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources
15. Status of the project 4 1?Pipeline, 2. Approved, 3. On-going, 4. Completed
16. Issues/problems
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