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Sierra Leone  
Implementation of NRDS   Needs - Resource Matching

Government Task Force Focal Point

Name Position Email
Mr Peter Kamara   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Code Title Partners
SL-1 Agricultural Sector Rehabilitation Project (ASREP) AfDB
SL-2 Rehabilitation and community-based poverty reduction project (RCPRP) IFAD
SL-3 Rural Finance and Community Improvement Programme IFAD
SL-4 Agricultural Development Project in Kambia JICA
SL-5 Use of STABEX Transfers Project (USTP) EC
SL-7 Hybrid Rice Promotion China
SL-8 Program for the intensification of rice production Government of Sierra Leone (G o S L)
SL-9 NERICA Dissemination Project AfDB
SL-10 Purchase for Progress (P4P) WFP
SL-11 Seed Enterprise Enhancement and Development (SEED) FAO / Germany
SL-12 Rural Development and Private Sector Development WORLD BANK
SL-13 Sustainable Rice Development Project JICA
SL-14 NERICA rice dissemination project AFRICA RICE
SL-15 Emergency Rice Project AFRICA RICE
SL-16 Developing the next generation of new rice varieties for sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia AFRICA RICE
SL-17 Interspecific Hybridization Project AFRICA RICE
SL-18 Physiological and genetic investigation of agronomic characteristics in rice AFRICA RICE
SL-19 Enhancing smallholder access to NERICA in WCA AFRICA RICE
SL-20 Rice Value Chain Development Project CARE
SL-21 Peri and Urban Community Action for Food Security CONCERN / CADO
SL-22 Livelihood Expansion and Asset Development Project CRS
SL-23 Integrated Savings and Agricultural Development Project CRS
SL-24 Food Facility Project COOPI
SL-25 NERICA Adoption Project IPA
SL-26 Sustainable Agricultural Development Project CARE
SL-27 Conservative Agricultural Development Project - Rice Sub-sector Intervention Element Matrix CARE

Concept Notes

Code Title File
SL-a Infrastructure for access to market PDF/35KB
SL-b Infrastructure for quality improvement PDF/55KB
SL-c Rehabilitation and development of IVS PDF/35KB
SL-d Support to farmer based organizations in the form of capacity building PDF/78KB
SL-e Provision of farm mechanization to farmer based organizations PDF/81KB
SL-f Provision of inputs to farmer based organizations PDF/34KB
SL-g Support to rural financial service associations and community banks PDF/53KB
SL-h Human resource and development PDF/70KB


IFAD-funded Studies on Mapping of PRSPs, Sector Strategis and Policies related to Rice Development