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  National Rice Development Strategy   In The News
Implementation of NRDS



Code Title ..... Partners
NG-1 Developing Agri-inputs Market in Nigeria (DAIMINA)   USAID
NG-2 Dissemination of new rice varieties in Nigeria using participatory varietal selection (PVS) approach   Rockefeller / Gatsby
NG-3 National Special Programme for Food Security (NSPFS)   AfDB / FAO /
Government of Nigeria (GoN)
NG-4 Rice Production, Post-harvest Processing and Marketing Adviser   JICA
NG-5 Second National Fadama Development Project (Fadama II)   World Bank
NG-6 Presidential Initiative on Increased Rice Production, Processing and ExportD   GoN
NG-7 Maximizing Agricultural Revenue and Key Enterprises in Targeted Sites (MARKETS)   USAID
NG-8 Promoting Pro-Poor Opprotunities through Commodity and Service Markets (PrOpCom))   DFID
NG-9 Multinational NERICA Rice Dissemination Project   AfDB
NG-10 Rice Seed Production   AfDB / AGRA
NG-11 National Programme for Food Security (NPFS)   BADEA / IDB / GoN
NG-12 Rehabilitation of Small-scale Irrigation Schemes   FAO / GoN / China
NG-13 Construction of Rice Processing Complex in Nigeria   KOICA
NG-14 Rice Processing Intervention Fund   GoN
NG-15 Breeding for High-yielding Stable Drought Tolerant Rice and Provision of Quality Seeds of Rice for Poor Resource Farmers in Nigeria   AGRA
NG-16 Targeting Drought-avoidance Root Traits to Enhance Rice Productivity under Water-limited Environments    
NG-17 Third National Fadama Development Project (Fadama III)   World Bank
NG-18 Commercial Agricultural Development Project (CADP)   World Bank
NG-19 Improvement of Drought and Submergence Tolerance of Rice in Africa, including NERICA   JIRCAS
NG-20 Rice Post Harvest and Marketing Pilot Project in Lafia,Nasarawa State and Bida, Niger State    
NG-21 Rice Value Addition Project    
NG-22 Rice Market Improvement Project    
NG-23 Marketing Inputs Regionally    
NG-24 Expanded Access to Services for Agricultural Enterprises    
NG-25 Investment Climate Programme    
NG-26 Rice Survey 2009    
NG-27 Rice Survey 2010    
NG-28 USAID Famine Intervention Project    
NG-29 Super Green Rice Project    
NG-30 Improving Rice Productivity in Lowland Ecosystems of Nigeria through Marker Assisted Selection for Drought Tolerance and Yield Potential    
NG-31 Stress Tolerant Rice for Africa and Asia (STRASA)    
NG-32 Emergency Seed Production Project    
NG-33 Rice Post-harvest Quality Improvement    
NG-34 Rice Yellow Mottle Screening    
NG-35 Rural Finance Institution Building Program    
NG-36 IFAD-Assisted Community-Based Natural Resource Management Programme    
NG-37 IFAD-Assisted Community-Based Natural Resource Management Programme    
NG-38 IFAD-Assisted Community-Based Agriculture and Rural Development Programme    
NG-38 Cooperative Rural Micro-Finance    
NG-39 Cooperative Strengthening fro Agricultural Development    
NG-40 Paddy buyback project    
NG-41 The Study on the Development of the Efficient use and Recycling of Water Resources   JIRCAS
NG-42 Establishment of 2 Pilot Rice Processing and Marketing Centers in Lafia (Nasarawa State) and Bida (Niger State) for the Promotion of Rice Value-Chain   JICA
NG-43 NERICA rice dissemination project   AFRICA RICE
NG-44 Emergency Rice Project   AFRICA RICE
NG-45 Famine Fund Project   AFRICA RICE
NG-46 Stress-tolerant rice for poor farmers in Africa and South Asia   AFRICA RICE
NG-47 Developing the next generation of new rice varieties for sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia   AFRICA RICE
NG-48 Green Super Rice for Resource-Poor of Africa and Asia   AFRICA RICE
NG-49 Interspecific Hybridization Project   AFRICA RICE
NG-50 Physiological and genetic investigation of agronomic characteristics in rice   AFRICA RICE
NG-51 Development of sustainable rice farming systems in low activity clay soils in W African lowlands   AFRICA RICE
NG-52 Improving rice processing strategies for food security in W Africa   AFRICA RICE


IFAD-funded Studies on Mapping of PRSPs, Sector Strategis and Policies related to Rice Development