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Fiche d'information concernant projet/programme riz dans le premier groupe de pays CARD
1. Pays Guinée
2. Titre (Nom du projet) Upper Guinea Rural Development Support Project (PADERGHG)
3. Localition du Projet
Kouroussa et Siguiri
4. Type de projet 2
1. Grant, 2. Loan, 3. Technical Coop./Assistance, 4. National budget, 5. Private sector
5. Domaine d'intervention (choix multiple) 2 3 4 7 10
1. Politique, 2. R & D, 3. vulgarisation & formation, 4. Production, 5. Marketing
6. Post-récolte, 7. Irrigation, 8. Crédit, 9. Semences, 10. Autre ( spécifier au dessous)
10: Livestock, rural road
6. Source des Funds
7. Coût Total: US$15,630,000.00
AfDB: 13,359,000 USD, GG and Beneficiaries: 1,271,000 USD
8. Durée du Projet Début: 2001
(dd/mm/yy) Fin: 2005
9. But et objectifs But: To contribute to food security and to poverty reduction
Obj.: Improve agricultural production
Opening up of the region
Provision of support to the organization of rural and local communities
10. Bénéficiaires Ciblés Directes:
11. Composantes du Projet (activités) 1. Enhanced production and sustainable management of natural resources
2. Opening up of the region
3. Support to the organization of rural and local communities
4. Project management
12. Résultats attendus (outputs) 1. 1,760 ha of irrigated plains and 294 ha of bottomlands; 1,050 ha of cashew trees and 420 hectares of reforestation (village forestry)
2. Purchase of 250 yokes, training of 1,000 farmers by NGOs or specialized institutions in the areas of animal feed and health, the utilization and maintenance of yokes, the training of 20 blacksmiths
3. Support to IRAG and SNPRV
4. Mapping coverage of the project area,
technical assistance, support to the Kouroussa and Siguiri branches
5. Rehabilitation of 336 km and maintenance of 424 km of feeder roads; repairs to 8 culverts and the promotion of 20 Village Road Maintenance Committees (CVEP)
6. promotion of 124 rice producers’ associations, 40 food producers’ associations and 6 land use management associations, the promotion of around 80 CIVECs, support to 21 CRDs, the establishment of social infrastructure, support to the IRAE and DPDREs of Kankan, Kouroussa and Siguiri
7. payment of the costs of the Project Coordination Unit (PCU), as well as of monitoring, evaluation and audit costs.
13. Besoins (Inputs)
14. Agence d'exécution Conduisant (leading): Project Management Unit (PIU)
Coopérant (cooperate):
15. Statut du projet 4 1. Introduit, 2. Approuvé, 3. en cours, 4. Terminé
16. Questions/problèmes
17. Personne en charge Nom: e-mail:
Mot clé: