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Information Sheet of Concept Notes developed during WW2 in Mozambique
1. Country Mozambique
2. Title (Full name) Expansion of Fertilizer marketing network in rice growing areas through training of retailers and establishing linkage with agro-dealer network
3. Project Location Entire Country (all rice growing areas)
4. Fields covered (multiple selection) 4

1. Policy,  2. R & D,  3. Extension & Training,  4. Production,  5. Marketing
6. Post-harvest, 7. Irrigation, 8. Credit,  9. Seed,  10. Other (  specify below  )
10. Trading
5. Fund sources
Govt of Mozambique, USAID, IFDC, Gates Foundation, AGRA, FAO, Mozambique Fertilizer Company, Agrifocus
6. Budget Total: 7,800,000 USD
7. Duration (years)
3 years
8. Goal and objectives Goal: Increase rice production and productivity through improved allocations of rice fertilizer
Obj.: Enable better market access to imported fertilizers
Promote the development of domestic fertilizer production
Develop fertilizer value chains in rural areas to improve their scope and reliability of access by farmers
9. Target beneficiaries Direct: Rice Farmers, AgroInput-retailers, Agro-dealers
Sec: Rural Unemployed
10. Project component (activities) 1. Access to Inputs: Develop polices towards reducing the cost of imported fertilizer at the farmer point of purchase
2. Domestic Production: Promote a number of domestic fertilizer producers
3. Value Chain Development: Reduce the costs to transport fertilizer to rural farmers
4. Value Chain Development: Improve market coordination between producers, retailers and buyers
11. Expected results (outputs) 1. Improved livelihoods and food security
2. Improved security of fertilizer access by small scale farmers
3. Sustainable fertilizer value chain in rural areas providing better access to small rice farmers