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Value Chain

How to do Public-Private-Producer Partnerships (4Ps) in Agricultural Value Chains (2016)

Agricultural value chain finance strategy and design (2012)



Alternatives to land acquisitions: Agricultural investment and collaborative business models (2010)

Responding to ‘land grabbing’ and promoting responsible investment in agriculture (2010)

Réagir à l’”accaparement des terres” et favoriser les investissements agricoles responsables (French)

Land grab or development opportunity? Agricultural investment and international land deals in Africa (2009)

Market Access

Promoting market access for the Rural Poor in Order to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals (2003)

Promouvoir l’Accès des Ruraux Pauvres aux Marchés pour réaliser les objectifs d’ODM (French)


Smallholder conservation agriculture

Outgrower schemes – enhancing profitability