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Research activities to assist rice production in Africa

An Empirical Analysis of Expanding Rice Production in Sub-Sahara Africa


Research Outcome

Working Papers Spillovers as a Driver to Reduce Ex-post Inequality Generated by Randomized Experiments: Evidence from an Agricultural Training Intervention

Working Papers Long-term and Spillover Effects of Rice Production Training in Uganda

Working Papers Contract Farming, Farm Mechanization, and Agricultural Intensification: The Case of Rice Farming in Cote d’Ivoire

Working Papers On the Determinants of High Productivity Rice Farming in Irrigated Areas in Senegal: The Efficiency of Large Compared with Small-Scale Irrigation Schemes

Working Papers The Impact of Training on Technology Adoption and Productivity of Rice Farming in Tanzania: Is Farmer-to-Farmer Extension Effective?

Working Papers Constraints on Rice Sector Development in Mozambique

Working Papers Enhancing Rice Production in Uganda: Impact Evaluation of a Training Program and Guidebook Distribution in Uganda

Working Papers To What Extent Does the Adoption of Modern Variety Increase Productivity and Income? A Case Study of the Rice Sector in Tanzania

Working Papers Extensification and Intensification Process of Rainfed Lowland Rice Farming in Mozambique

Working Papers The Determinants of Technology Adoption:The Case of the Rice Sector in Tanzania

Working Papers Expansion of Lowland Rice Production and Constraints on a Rice Green Revolution: Evidence from Uganda

Books and Reports In Pursuit of an African Green Revolution: Views from Rice and Maize Farmers' Fields

Working Papers On the Possibility of a Lowland Rice Green Revolution in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from the Sustainable Irrigated Agricultural Development (SIAD) Project in Eastern Uganda

Books and Reports The Coalition for African Rice Development Progress in 2008-2013