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Third General Meeting, Arusha, 18-19 May 2010

The Third General Meeting of the Coalition for African Rice Development (CARD) convened in Arusha, Tanzania on 18–19 May 2010. Participants from 19 partner organizations/institutions, five non-sub-Saharan African countries as South-South Cooperation partners and 12 CARD First Group countries, together with 9 Second Group countries, attended.GM3

  • Report (English: PDF/423KB)
  • Report (French: PDF/523KB)
  • Program (English: PDF/41.2KB)
  • Remarks by Monty Jones Co-Chair CARD Executive Committee & Executive Director FARA (English: PDF/131KB)
  • Remarks by H.E. Mr. Hiroshi Nakagawa,Ambassador of Japan for the United Republic of Tanzania (PDF/ 112KB)
  • Remarks by Hon.Mr. Stephen Wassira Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives of the United Republic of Tanzania (PDF/154KB)
  • Co-Chairman's summary (English: PDF/481KB:) (French: PDF/481KB)


  • Meeting Documents


Agenda Name Hard Copy File Presentation Doc No. Web
Program Overall program
Opening Ceremony
Opening Welcome:Speaker 1
Remarks:Speaker 2
Remarks:Speqker 3

Agenda 1: Report of the
previous meeting
GM2:Chairman's Summary PDF: (English / French) 1,2 Full Report: PDF (English / French)
HTML (English)
Presentation by the Secretariat PPT 3
Word 4
Word 5
Agenda 2: Updates of NRDS Tanzania PPT 6 Project Profile Matrices / SIEM (HTML / PDF)
Kenya PDF 7 Project Profile Matrices / SIEM (HTML / PDF)
Mozambique PPT 8 Project Profile Matrices / SIEM (HTML / PDF)
Uganda PPT 9 Project Profile Matrices / SIEM (HTML / PDF)
Guinea PPT 10 Project Profile Matrices / SIEM (HTML / PDF)
Mali PPT 11 Project Profile Matrices / SIEM (HTML / PDF)
Senegal PPT 12 Project Profile Matrices / SIEM (HTML / PDF)
Sierra Leone PPT 13 Project Profile Matrices / SIEM (HTML / PDF)
Cameroon PPT 14 Project Profile Matrices / SIEM (HTML / PDF)
Ghana PPT 15 Project Profile Matrices / SIEM (HTML / PDF)
Madagascar PPT 16 Project Profile Matrices / SIEM (HTML / PDF)
Nigeria PPT 17 Project Profile Matrices / SIEM (HTML / PDF)
Agenda 3: Coordination on
rice related assistance
Summary of SC members PPT 18

SSC Partners
Egypt PDF
Indonesia PPT
Malaysia PDF
IFAD Small Grant Study PPT 21
Agenda 4: Action for
Second Group countries
Proposal for G2 countries PDF
Agenda 5: Presentation by
Second Group countries
Benin PPT 23
Burkina Faso PPT (English / French)
PPT 25
Ethopia PPT 28
Gambia PPT 29
Liberia PPT 30
Rwanda PPT 31
Togo PPT 32
Zambia PPT 33
Agenda 6: Next Steps

Agenda 7: Co-Chairman's Summary
PDF: (English / French)


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  • Seminar

Free download of PowerPoint presentations (PDF files) of this seminar is available from website:

Agenda Items Document Presentation Web
Opening Remarks: JIRCAS
Session 1. Achievement and Challenges in Rice Production Expansion
Essential Factors for Rice Expansion FASID
A Case Study in Tanzania FASID
New Roles of Commercial Sector AGRA
Value-Chain Approaches USAID
Session 2. Achievement and Challenges in Technology Development
Challenges in Rice Varietal Improvement JIRCAS
A global partnership for rice science to enhance rice productivity in Africa
Africa Rice
Farmer-Centric Technology JICA
Building Sustainable Rice Data and Information System: Milestones Achieved Africa Rice
Concluding Remarks FARA


  • Excursion
Items Document Presentation
Program Overall program Excel

Lower Moshi Irrigation scheme
Lekitatu Irrigation Scheme Introduction PPT
A briefing on Japan’s Cooperation on Rice
Rice industry promotion cooperation of TZ and Japan (100503) Word
Development in Tanzania PDF


  • Presentation Format / Instructions
First Group Countries
Second Group Countries
Notice to SC / SP / SSC
English (PDF) English (PDF)