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Post Workshop Activities

Hard Copy File Presentation Doc No.
Manual / Manuel Mechanisation Process Manual MS Word (English / French) A
Policy Tools
Policy Tools and Related Actions MS Word (English / French) B
Policy Tool Analysis Form
Policy Tool Analysis Sheet MS Word (English / French) C
Analytical Tool: Matching Farm Equipment Farm Size Matching Farm Equipment to Farm Size
MS Excel (English) D
Valuables: Matching Farm Equipment Farm Size Components of Costs involved in owning and using Farm Machineries and Implements MS Excel (English) E
Guidance: Matching Farm Equipment Farm Size Guidance: (t.b.u.)
MS Word (English) F


Meeting Documents

Agenda Item
Hard Copy File Presentation Doc No.
Program Program PDF (English) 1
Opening Overview of the workshop (CARD Secretariat) PDF (English) 2
Country Presentations Mali PDF (English/ French) 3
Senegal PDF (French) 4
Rwanda PDF (English) 5
Tanzania PDF (English) 6

Uganda PDF (English) 7

Cameroon PDF (English) 8

Madagascar PDF (English)
Stakeholders, enabling environments and policy tools Manufacturing Challenges in Kenya (Ndume Ltd.) PDF (English) 10
Classification of stakeholders (policy & technical track) and Country road map
Format Word (English) 11
Recap: enabling environments

Check Lists (Original)

(Anglophone Group)

(Francophone Group)

PDF (English)

PDF (Anglophone)

PDF (Francophone)




Path to appropriate specification of machineries (factors for consideration) Specification and selection of farming equipment (IRRI)

PDF (English)

Excel (English)



Ensuring the use of appropriate machineries on the ground Safety Inspection and Performance Test of Farm Machinery (JICA/ PRiDe) PDF (English) 14
Human capacity Human resources for mechanization (JICA/ PRiDe) PDF (English) 15
Plenary of country road maps Rwanda PDF (English) 16
Tanzania PDF (English) 17
Uganda PDF (English) 18

Cameroon PDF (English) 19
Madagascar PDF (French) 20

Mali PDF (French) 21
Senegal PDF (French) 22
Next Steps (CARD Secretariat) PDF (English) 23
UniBRAIN (Universities, Business and Research in Agricultural INnovation) Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), Kenya PDF (English) 24