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CARD Secretariat organizes the Second Regional Workshop for Promotion of Agricultural Mechanisation in Nairobi on 22-24 October 2012, where the progress since the first workshop will be reviewed and the way forward will be discussed.

Post Workshop Activities - Country Road Maps

Hard Copy File Presentation Doc No.
Country Road Map
Cameroon PDF (French) 22
PDF (French) 23
Rwanda PDF (English) 24
Senegal PDF (French) 25
Tanzania PDF (English) 26

Uganda PDF (English) 27
Format PPT (English) 21


Meeting Documents

Agenda Item
Hard Copy File Presentation Doc No.
Participants List of Participants
PDF (English) 0
Program Agenda PDF (English) 1
Opening Overview of the workshop (CARD Secretariat) PDF (English) 2
Country Presentations
Cameroon PDF (French) 3
Madagascar PDF (French) 4

Senegal PDF (French) 5

Rwanda PDF (English) 6

Tanzania PDF (English) 7

Uganda PDF (English)
Developing Agricultural Machinery Industrial Sector in Africa - UNIDO's approach UNIDO PDF (English) 10
Social and technical implication in improving post-harvest operations - linking value chain JICA PDF (English) 11
Comparative study on Cost Analysis for mechanization


PDF (English)


Introduction of the Analysis (Comparative study) on Regional Processing CARD

PDF (English)

Questionnaire (English)



Breakup group work - Recap
PDF (English) 14
Recap: Policy Track & Technical Track (Manual 1.) MS Word (English / French) A

Peer Review: Policy Track – Policy Tool suggestions

MS Word (English / French) B
Peer Review: Policy Track –Engagement with Dealers and service providers (Manual 5.) MS Word (English / French) C
Peer Review: Technical Track – List of machineries, policies & strategies, Testing and certification
(Manual 2. & 3.)
Peer Review: Technical Track – Decision making and Selection, Maintenance capacity (Manual 4. & 6.)

MS Excel (English)

MS Excel (English)




Plenary on Policy Track

Plenary on Technical Track

Next Steps (CARD Secretariat) PDF (English / French) 20
Country Road Map
Breakup group work (by country) PPT (English) 21