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The African Development Bank is the Group's parent organization. The Agreement establishing the African Development Bank was adopted and opened for signature at the Khartoum, Sudan, conference on August 4, 1963. It entered into force on September 10, 1964. The Bank began effective operations on July 1, 1966. Its major role is to contribute to the economic and social progress of its regional member countries - individually and collectively.

As of January 1, 1998, the African Development Bank's authorized capital is subscribed to by 77 member countries made up of 53 independent African countries (regional members) and 24 non-African countries (non-regional members).

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AfDB Temporary Relocation Agency (Tunis)

African Development Bank Group

15 Avenue du Ghana
P.O. Box 323-1002
Tunis-Belvedère, Tunisia
Tel: (+216) 71 103 450
Fax: (+216) 71 351 933
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Statutory Headquarters
Rue Joseph Anoma,
01 BP 1387 Abidjan 01
Côte d'Ivoire
Tel: (+225) 20 20 44 44
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Code Title Country
GH-6 NERICA Rice Dissemination Project Ghana
GH-7 Inland Valleys Rice Development Project Ghana
GH-8 Small Scale Irrigation Development Project Ghana
GN-2 Projet de difuusion du Riz NERICA Guinea
GN-12 Upper Guinea Rural Development Support Project (PADERGHG) Guinea
MG-1 Project to Support Development in the Menabe and Melaky Regions (AD2M) Madagascar
MG-9 Projet de Réhabilitation du Périmètre Irrigué de Manombo (PRPIM) Madagascar
MG-10 Lower Mangoky Irrigation Area Development Project (incl. Supplementary Loan) Madagascar
MALI-4 Project for the support to the seed sector (PAFISEM) Mali
MALI-10 Projet de diffusion du riz NERICA Mali
MALI-23 Projet d'Appui au Développement Rural de la Région de Mopti (PADER) Mali
MALI-25 Projet d'Appui au Développement Rural des Plaines de Daye, Hamadja et Korioume (PADR-PDHK) Mali
MALI-32 Projet d'Intensification du Périmètre Irrigué du Baguineda (PIB) Mali
MALI-33 Projet d'Aménagement du Périmètre Irrigué de Maninkoura (PAPIM) Mali
MALI-34 Projet de Développement rural du cercle d'Ansongo (PRODECA) Mali
MALI-37 Etude du Programme de Développement Rural Intégré du cercle de Djenné Mali
MZ-8 Small Scale Irrigation Project (SSIP) Mozambique
MZ-9 Massingir Dam and Smallholder Agricultural Rehabilitation Project (Supplementary Loan) Mozambique
NG-3 National Special Programme for Food Security (NSPFS) Nigeria
NG-9 Multinational NERICA Rice Dissemination Project Nigeria
NG-10 Rice Seed Production Nigeria
RW-2 The Bugesera Agricultural Development Support Project (PADAB) Rwanda
SN-13 National Rural Infrastructure Program (PNIR) Senegal
SN-16 Anambe Basin Rural Development Project (PADERBA) Senegal
SN-17 Project to Support Local Small-Scale Irrigation (PAPIL) Senegal
SN-25 Programme concerté de production de semences certifiées de riz en Casamance Senegal
SN-26 Projet d'Appui au Développement Rural de la Casamance (PADERCA) Senegal
SN-28 Agricultural Modernization and Intensification Project (PMIA) Senegal
SL-1 Agricultural Sector Rehabilitation Project (ASREP) Sierra Leone
SL-9 NERICA Dissemination Project Sierra Leone
UG-7 Farm Income Enhancement and Forest Conservation Project (FIEFOC) Uganda
UG-11 Area-Based Agricultural Modernization Programme (AAMP) Uganda
UG-12 Community Agricultural Infrastructure improvement Programme Uganda
BF-26 PADER-GK : Support Project for Decentralized Rural Development in Gnagna and KouritengaProvinces Burkina Faso