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1. Background

Stable and timely supply of quality seeds is a key for increasing crop production and productivity, and it is, therefore, of paramount importance for CARD member countries to strengthen rice seed supply chain to achieve the overall goal of CARD initiative, doubling rice production by 2018.

Various actors play important roles in seed production and distribution, and roles of each player should be integrated effectively so that the governments together with the private sector (where appropriate) acquire LONG LASTING capacity to multiply and supply quality seeds for farmers. Coordination and cooperation between public and private sector are critical factors for the horizontal and vertical integration, and it is only through the integration that actions taken by each actor will result in the increase of national rice production.

Cognizant of the fact that PPP is key for the CARD activities in coming 5 years, the CARD secretariat proposes to start a pilot initiative for improved rice seed sector in some CARD countries as a part of PPP promotion. Through this pilot initiative, target countries will; i) develop “Seed Road Map” in which current seed supply chain is analyzed, issues and gaps are identified and strategies are presented on how to overcome constraints to improve production and timely distribution of quality rice seeds to farmers, ii) develop Investment Plan / Concept Note for interventions based on the “Seed Road Map”, and iii) strengthen capacity of relevant stakeholders along the seed supply chain, in situation analysis, strategy development and planning, development of REALISTIC AND ROBUST proposal and fund matching. These outputs will provide relevant stakeholders with shared views on current situation in seed supply chain, gaps/constraints, and strategies to improve rice seed supply, also provide governments and financial institutions and development partners with proposals for investment and interventions.  It is also expected that this initiative will enhance the scope of investment/ interventions in seed supply chain in the CARD countries following the process. This pilot effort will contribute to rice production increase in target countries, while the experience and strengthened capacity of this exercise could be applied to seed sector of other crops in the future.

2. Scope

  • Period of 12 months (by the end of May, 2014)
  • Rice seed only
  • 10 CARD member Countries (Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Madagascar, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda)

3. Overall Goal, objective and Expected Outputs

  • Overall Goal: To increase the supply of quality rice seeds in Target CARD Countries
  • Objective: To identify strategy for improving rice seed supply

4. Expected Outputs:

  • Development of Improved Rice Seed Sector Strategy "Seed Road Map" at each target country, which include reviews on/ drafting seed policies, suggested seed laws that aligns to/ harmonized in regional/sub-regional rules and regulations on seeds.  Working Tool (please see the attachment below) is provided with the working teams in each country as the guideline to conduct 1) current situation, 2) discussion and target setting, and 3) way forward.
  • Development of country specific Investment Plans/ Project Concept Notes for interventions
  • Capacity building of relevant stakeholders in situation analysis, strategy development and planning, development of investment plan and intervention proposals